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<big><b>OOC Information</b></big>
<b>Player Name:</b> Adam Sherman
<b>Player Age:</b> 20
<b>Player Contact:</b>
<b>Player/Character HMD:</b> <user name=soyoudonthaveto>

<big><b>IC Information</b></big>
<b>Character Name:</b> Nostalgia Critic
<b>Character Canon:</b> Channel Awesome/TGWTG-verse
<b>Character Age/Gender:</b> late 20s-early 30s
<b>Canon Point:</b>
<b>Character Canon History:</b> [A detailed wiki link is acceptable. Otherwise, please provide enough background information for someone unfamiliar with the canon to understand the character.]
<b>Character Personality:</b> [Likeliest the longest part of the application. Please be detailed in character motivations and below-surface traits - explain why the character behaves the way they do.]
<b>Character Abilities:</b> [A detailed wiki link is acceptable.]
<b>Character Inventory:</b> [Whatever the character has on their person at their canon-point. Please detail the special abilities of any items that have them.]
<b>Samples:</b> [One third person/introspective sample, and one thread of interaction with at least one other character. There will be a test drive meme open before each application round, but bakerstreet, dear_mun, and previous game threads all count if you prefer to use those for your interactive sample, so long as they are threads for the same version of the character you're apping - so, a meme thread with an OU version of a character would not count if you were apping an AU version of a character, but would if you were apping them as OU.]


Apr. 13th, 2013 12:37 pm
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 Hello, this is the Nostalgia Critic. I'm not available at the moment but short of being sent back home, or getting attacked by a demonic Teddy Ruxpin, leave a message and I should be able to contact you. Bye.
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 <b>Player & Age:</b> Adam Sherman, Age 19

<b>Character & Canon:</b> Nostalgia Critic, Channel Awesome/TGWTG universe

The Nostalgia Critic is a snarky, angry, cynical internet reviewer who remembers it so you don't have to. He is prone to delusions of grandeur and fits of rage, selfishness and overconfidence. On the surface, he seems like a fairly selfish coward who will do what it takes to get what he wants, and is either too self-absorbed or too stupid to understand the consequences.

In reality, Critic is filled with self-loathing and guilt over the death of his frie-err, acquainta-um... let's just say butt monkey, Ma-Ti. In addition, he absolutely hates the fact that he has done nothing in his life but reviewed crappy nostalgic movies. This plus other regrets (which I will get into if accepted), leads him to feel alone in his life, and makes him seek out endeavors that could possibly get him something more out of life.

The Critic will be taken from the middle of part 3 in his Dredd armor. As he is an Internet reviewer who analyzes child's cartoons and the like, as well as his fellow reviewers being nerds, Critic might know of certain characters due to their status as fictional characters in his universe. Outside that, not too much else to mention.
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<b>Name:</b> Adam
<b>Journal:</b> <user name=adam_sherman>
<b>Other Characters Played:</b> N/A

<B>Series:</b> TGWTG-verse/Channel Awesome-verse
<b>Character:</b> Nostalgia Critic
<b>Timeline:</b> Prior to To Bo
<b>Personality:</b> (What's your character like? More then just a list of traits, please. At least a paragraph)
<b>Background:</b> (Just a brief background on your character. Doesn't have to be a novel, but longer than a few sentences makes it easier to process)
<b>Abilities/Additional Notes:</b> (List information about any abilities your character may have or anything else you feel is important for us to know about the character.)

<b>Sample Journal Post:</b>
(A sample of a journal entry by your character in FIRST PERSON POV, should be more than two sentences. Please format according to the games "journals": The settings for your 3STP are Text, Voice and Video. A post can be intentional or accidental (according to your character's understanding of technology) and is broadcasted over the entire network. The first post is always Unfiltered and viewable to everyone.)
<b>Sample RP:</b> (A 3rd person RP sample. Show us how you can play your character! Any existing 3rd-person rp is usable for this so long as we see their personality)

<b>Companion’s Personality:</b> Companion's character. What are they like?
<b> Companion’s Abilities/Additional Notes:</b> (List information about any abilities your character’s companion may have or anything else you feel it is important for us to know about the character.)
<b> Companion’s Sample Journal Post:</b>
(A sample of a journal entry by your character’s companion in FIRST PERSON POV, should be more than two sentences.)


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